Our furry loved ones hold a special place in our hearts and our lives. Their health and well-being is as important as our own, especially because their suffering is ours as well.

e’fekt™ for pets.

Just like humans, not all pets enjoy taking medicine. That’s why we created quick and effective relief in the form of easy to digest oil and yummy beef doggie snacks.

How it all started…


The original spark for the brand came three years ago from an experience that co-founder, Chris Panaia had with his beloved dog and best furry friend, Maddie. Maddie was aging and also suffering from acute hip dysplasia and arthritis. The pain and inflammation was making it impossible for her to play and stay active. Chris had tried a variety of things prescribed to her. For Maddie, traditional medications were accompanied by many debilitating side effects; mood swings, behavior changes, sleep deprivation, kidney and liver function decrease – and ultimately, a great deal of anxiety for both Chris and Maddie. On a friend’s recommendation, Chris tried a CBD product for her. Within a couple of months, Maddie was back to daily activities of running and playing on the beach, like in her younger days. Because of the notable drug-free positive effects, Chris started investigating the broad beneficial effects of CBD for both humans and pets.


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